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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Inspire the You from the You

Everyone in this world will be dreaming of becoming successful persons. They have a prejudice and sit mum dreaming that they’re going to show the world who they are some or other day. They construct their future as they’re going to become very great persons and the rest of the world will follow them. They will be the role models for children in the future. The students learn about their contributions in their respective fields through books. They’ll be receiving accolades for their great work. Their family will be very proud of them and feel happy in disclosing their relation. And sometimes even think of being rich and the word ‘poverty’ will be erased from their dictionary and dream what not. Some end up just dreaming and don’t go much far. But some do really become their own role models, meaning they make their dreams a complete reality some fine day.

 The ultimate way for a person to become successful is adhere to his defined values. A person has to define his own values. Values here are nothing but his qualities. A person’s behavior is entirely dependent on his own thoughts. He has the full control of himself. No one else in this world will control him. Yes, there might be influencing factors, but ultimately he has to decide what he has to do. As if someone tells him to slap a person with no reason why would he do? (Excepting the mentally disabled people). So that shows a person has what is called “Sense of Judgement” and can distinguish between things good and bad.
Firstly check yourself, do you aim for something? Do you want to get something? Or else are you an aimless creature? If yes, then you should know that you’ve been sent to this earth in the human avatar only to do something in this world rather than just grow and die like a weed.

A person’s success depends on two main factors. They are-
1.     Interest
2.     Patience
Before going brief about the two factors, let us know the definition of success. It is to achieve what you wish to achieve. You can only achieve if you deserve to achieve. It is not all about earning money and getting rich which most people do. But aiming for a success is achieving the thing that gives you happiness and satisfaction while you are struggling for it. That is nothing but called as ‘Passion’.
Firstly let’s see how interest plays its role. One develops interest in something only if he loves doing it. One knows very well which thing interests him the most.

"Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that doesn't let you sleep"
                                   -Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (Scientist and Former President of India)

An interest can remain in a person for a short time and in some others lifelong. Choosing an interest has to be done carefully.  And only long term interests are your permanent ones that are going to change your life. You can find them easily. You don't want to think about things which don't interest you. Thinking about which gives you pleasure is what you love doing. Thinking about them gives you energy. So you can filter the one which you love the most from those interesting things. Sometimes we find people doing unique jobs, totally different from others. But still, we can find them happy and are successful which means they are satisfied. They love doing their jobs.
“If you are not doing what you love, you're wasting you're time." 
                     -Billy Joel (American pianist,singer-songwriter,and composer).

So, one should try to retain one’s interest in spite of difficulties. If Mr. Bill Gates would have got disappointed and lost his patience for getting no support for his the then weird passion of computers, he would not be the “Father of Software Technology” now.
Patience is the one without which achieving success is impossible. One might sometimes feel they’re doing no good in their journey and lose hope, which is nothing but losing patience. "Rome wasn't built in one day". So one should be determined and persist with a motive “Keep on trying until you get it”.

How to define one’s values? The two things with which values are defined are-
1.    Planning.
2.    Adhering to the designed plan.
A person knows the best of himself. If a plan has to be made of your schedule for tomorrow, you’re the best person who can make a best plan which suits you the best. You also accept it because you made it which you would hesitate to accede if someone else has made it for you. Adhering to one’s set rules is what decides honesty. You defined your rules thinking by following them makes you feel you’re going right in the journey. So, one should adhere to them strictly.
What if you do mistakes? It is said that we learn a lot from mistakes. But the science behind our mistakes is not paying attention at one or more aspects of the situation. Some small things get unnoticed through our eyes’ corners. We are sometimes careless about the things which are worth to be concerned. Improving our concentration and intelligence might help overcoming it. Playing some games which are meant to improve them might help. Best example which helps developing intelligence is chess. For concentration, playing some electronic concentration (time management) games might be useful.

Dos and Don’ts

Don’t at all fall in the trap of two things. One is money and the other is blind love (which generally happens amongst the youth). If it happens with money, you’ll become it’s slave and you do things what money wants you to do instead of doing things which make you feel happy and thankful for possessing a human life. Don’t worry about it as your hard work pays you the worth. And if blind love is the case, you’ll forget that you’re a part of this world and start constructing your own beautiful planet in delusion. They turn out be dangerous drugs which becomes very difficult to get rid of even with the best treatments of the world. Before they get wild, we need to learn to maintain a healthy relationship with them, as we can’t neglect them totally.

Don’t search for opportunities, as they’re doing their job in searching for you. All you need to do is utilise them the best way you can when they’re in front of you. Until they arrive to you, be patient and concentrate on your passion, as opportunities are not fools that they come and pick up fools for their purpose. If you’re best in your field, its obvious that you’ll win some or other day.

Having many aims and concentrate on none go no far but just remain dreaming. You cannot become the world’s greatest boxer and the world’s greatest singer at the same time. If you try to do so, you’ll definitely end up achieving nothing. So concentrate on one thing at a time.

Does pleasure really give you pleasure?
“Hard work is only for some time, but victory is forever”.
                                -Roger Federer (Swiss Tennis player)
Pleasure makes you happy only for a while but hard work gives you a lifelong pleasure of satisfaction.” A man who can resist his temptations wins.” which is sometimes impossible practically. So, better avoid them by not tasting them at all.
Just remember one thing, aiming and achievement should be done with moral values as a flavour.
Does helping others waste your time? No. But in fact you’ll be helped by some other rich man when you get poor in your journey.

What if you get discharged?

The case of getting discharged happens when you end up forgetting about your goals. If so, come back here to get yourself charged by reading this blog again with interest and zeal.
Battery backup might be different for different people. It depends upon the intensity of achieving their dreams. Finally don’t forget to be healthy. Because being healthy is being happy and being happy is being healthy. Share this with the ones whom you care about and wish for their successful lives. All this was to make you realise you’ve been gifted a human life unlike the stones and mountains. Even they stand for a purpose serving the universe at some or other time. So, why don’t we think to make our lives meaningful and worth living.

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